Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at Essaylancer™

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Wherever we collect, process or use (“use”) your personal data for the purposes of the services offered by Essaylancer™, this shall take place within the scope of the services offered by Essaylancer™ or the parent group PRIME FREELANCERS.

We will use the personal data that you disclose to us to provide the services offered by Essaylancer™ on the basis of and in compliance with the valid data protection regulations contained in Act No. 428/2002 Coll. (Data Protection Act). This includes, in particular, allowing you to access the content of the Essaylancer™ website, managing the content uploaded by you on your behalf, providing you with information about this, and providing you with other services with your agreement, where applicable.
Where Essaylancer™ is used by a natural person, they shall be obliged to disclose or make the following personal data accessible to Essaylancer™ upon registering and when using Essaylancer™ services:
Personal Email (for account allocation)
Username (for signing in)
Password (for signing in)
Paypal or Alertpay username (Payment processing)
Payout details (Payment processing)
By registering and accepting the terms and conditions of use, the user consents to his or her personal data being processed in accordance with according law and he or she also consents to this data being used and stored by Essaylancer™ for the purposes of providing and guaranteeing Essaylancer™ services.
The user shall grant his or her consent in accordance with the DPA for the entire duration of his or her registration and use of the Essaylancer™ services. If the user’s member account is deleted for any reason, or if any other use of the Essaylancer™ services is terminated for any reason, Essaylancer™ will ensure that the personal data disclosed to it by the user is deleted.
You may withdraw your consent issued once in accordance with the relevant provisions of the DPA in writing at any time and/or object to the future use of your data in writing. Your consent will lapse one month after the delivery of written withdrawal to Essaylancer™ address given under the 'Contact Us' Page.